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MELD Private Sale Offering: Compensation Program

If you've arrived here, it's because you expressed interest in participating in the MELD Private Sale Offering but were unable to whitelist through the Vent platform. We are aware of some of the limitations of our MVP, that leave room for improvement in many areas. Having said this, we firmly believe in our community, that has supported us through our ups and downs and we will make sure to get you involved however possible. We truly value you. As a unique circumstance, we will be providing behind-the-scenes access. You may have lost the opportunity to gain access to the Private Sale Offering through VentUp, but we believe to have found a fair solution: — We have reserved a portion of the Institutional Investors' sale for a community compensation program aimed at those issues that faced issues. The procedure will remain the same:
We will examine your wallets to ensure that you have held a specific amount of VENT, and we will allocate the guaranteed allocations plus a 50% increase to compensate for the missed opportunity to enter Stage 2 — the Golden Allocation Round (AKA the FCFS round).
IMPORTANT: This form is exclusive to Vent Community Members that have either registered to the MELD launch through VentUp or pre-registration to the offering through the Vent website.